Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tell All Your Friends!

holy shit.

who knew that soundwave & sydney would be my last time seeing rubano&fazzi play with taking back sunday?!

i love you both to DEATH. but i am SO SO stoked for the TAYF reunion.
So fucking stocked.

Nolan's going to kick ass. For reals.

I should've known when Ed was being all coy and secretive about the top secret plans. But then again, I never would've imagined Nolan & Adam being friends again.

So amazing.
So fucking amazing.
Head club over and over and over afuckinggain.

Stoked. Super fucking stoked.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Surfers Paradise,Beer Garden.

Dan Hume of Evermore performed first as a solo act. He was quite amazing. one really paid him much attention :( He had this Conor Oberst feel to his solo music. I dug it. The rest of the Gold Coast crowd must've been too engrossed with drinking to give a shit.

Amy Meredith was up next! They were REALLY good. I heard B.E a really long time ago,just never registered that this was the same band.

I ended up buying their CD. Met the guitarist. I SO KNEW HE WAS IN A BAND!! I saw him walking around the bar earlier and i thought " So band-like." Low and behold, guitarist summore. ^^

Evermore finally came out. We were RIGHT infront,and as usual i stood next to really drunk girls who kept dancing and hitting me and then one of them ended up breaking a glass on my foot.. yeah that was swell.
And to apologize, she grabbed my head " OH MY GOD. IM SO SORRY. ...YOU HAVE NICE HAIR. *touches hair* CAN WE TAKE A PICTURE?" I asked her why and she said she was from England and she wanted a picture of someone from Gold Coast.
..Yeah British people.

Anyway, back to Evermore.

Jon's voice was so amazing. Whenever he'd go all voicepiping on our asses i'd get goosebumps listening to him.
Dan was exceptional. I've never seen a drummer so passionate ever. He beat the shit outta those drums. The three guys did alot of instrument-swapping which was really cool.

Such a good set.So so good. After the gig, we decided to hang around and meet the band. Got to meet Jon and Peter. Dan went to the back of the venue really quick :( Peter was one of the most refreshing people ever. He indirectly hinted that Gold Coast sucked balls,and we indirectly agreed. I told him he should eat Kebabs to which he responded " SHEEESH KEBABS I LOVE EM".

Since they started playing dancey music at Beer Garden we decided to stay awhile more. I somehow dragged by a random girl who handed me off to some..guy who apparently rejected Jaki because she wasn't ethnic enough. Which is how," I like your ethnicity" came about.

White people are funny.Crazy,but funny.

Overall, a really good night :) Cept for the glass embedded in my foot.
Ugh you drunk British chicks.

TakingBackDamnSunday & Enter Shikari.

Arrived at the Metro REALLY early. Waited for what felt like forever. Adam and Matt got locked outta the Metro : ( Poor boys. Had such difficult getting in when THEY were the headlining act. It was quite comical though. Matt came out to hang with us for abit. He was SO nice. I'm starting to really really like Matt.

Eddie came out about an hour before the show started to smoke. He recognized me!! And he actually walked towards me to talk. I swear i was about to melt and die. He said he'd look out for me in the crowd. Haha i thought that wouldn't be possible seeing as there were SO many people there,but aiyo he actually did.

Everyone lined up and rushed to the front. I managed to squeeze infront. Met this really cool chick,Haley who was awesome concert company! Enter Shikari was up first.

They played a superbly pumping show! Sorry You're Not a Winner was DEFINITELY my favourite. I loved how the crowd clapped along. Mothership was.....the most epic performance EVER. I was in a very trance like state after that song. Mmmm mothership (y).

After much chanting and screaming and jumping,it was time for ................


Adam came out with a cigarette in his mouth. I screamed so loud i lost my voice by the third song. Oh my LORD. I got squished against the barrier so hard so many times. I guess that's the consequences for being RIGHT infront holding on to dear life. Haley and i clung on to each other LOL.

Eddie pointed at me during Cute Without The E and aimed his guitar at me,haha. To which i screamed even more at. Adam came SO close.
Fazzi was the only one who was a little far away :( but i still managed to get a few decent pictures.

They played an amazing set. I could barely converse after. Throat hurt SO bad. I fell insanely sick for 3 weeks after TBS FYI. That's how hectic it was.
After the concert, i decided to hang around and met a few more people who were at the concert.
Eddie came out AGAIN, and walked straight at me and asked if we were gonna hang again.
They were staying at The Sebel so i managed to hitch a ride with the van to head back with Eddie,Fazz & Izzy( no,not Izzat. the tour guitarist for TBS).

I felt like my entire world was being showered with candy. Me. in TBS's van. With Eddie. and Fazzi. ..Hi kill me?

Adam was a LITTLE dissapointing but i guess he can't really be blamed as he fell so sick after that as well. And he skipped on vacationing in Bali with the rest of the guys + family.

Stayed at The Seb for a few hours playing cards and taking shots again. Eddie really likes saying his weird colombian/spanish whatever saying before taking a shot. They had to leave for a 5AM flight AGAIN.

I don't know what i did to deserve their acquaintance but goddamn i love karma. I thought they'd forget me yknow,being just ANOTHER fan but Eddie and Faz were SO sweet. They said they'd send me merchandise*. Adam ...ohmyAdam. I will most definitely C,NC to meet Danger : D

Best band EVER. Why? Cuz they actually give a shit about their fans.Thanks for coming out and taking the time to talk to me outside the show and Ed,thanks for the multiple drinks and for losing every card game we played.Adam,i love you i still want to marry you.

2010 really is the best fucking year ever.

And no, i will not share anymore pictures. No,they are not even uploaded on Facebook :)

*regarding the merchandise,i have no idea what they are sending me. but when i do get it, i`ll blog about it. and no i really don't care what you think.